Ovyé Fall-Winter 20/21
Game of Mirrors

What is fashion, if not a game of mirrors? It is a form of expression for the myriad of facets that every woman conceals beneath her surface, flaunting ever innovative images, just like a kaleidoscope.
It is in part play, in part a need to find oneself – and it is precisely this vision that has inspired the new Fall-Winter 2020-21 collection.

Let’s explore it together.

Of course, the must-haves and latest trends are all there, such as the square toes and chunky soles that nod to the legendary ‘80s “combat boots”, while knee high boots and thigh high boots are the refined footwear providing a glamorous feel to even the most comfortable shoes, thanks to their shape and heel.
Yet, there is much more besides of course: there is the desire to represent women in all their wonder.

We have refined details, and seductive heels and insteps, to make women look sexier than ever. The flat shoes have been updated with bold shapes and embellished with extra-large platforms to offer an audacious aesthetic combined with comfort. There is an overwhelming desire for adventure in the many incarnations of the Texan boots, as well as an eccentric feel embodied by the ‘70s accents.
We haven’t overlooked mixing and matching either: take the delicate quilting on the bold shoes or on the platforms that turn heads with their unusual textures for example.
This is a collection based on shape and volume, elements that have never been more center stage than they are this year. It is as though there was a yearning to get back to the very essence of elegance, which lies in design before embellishment.

In other words, the new Ovyé collection features an intricate and multifaceted feel, that is able to interpret women who love to play and experiment with different styles.
Just like in an endless game of mirrors that helps to reveal their inner strength.

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