Ovyé Spring Summer 2020 Collection

It is time to travel for the Ovyé woman. To face sunny deserts, mountains, little traveled roads. Above all, it’s time to do it her way.
She is ready to leave, carrying the urge to mess up styles and patterns: for example, in her ideal suitcase the delicate kitten heels will combine with eccentric and lively colors, or with amazing hankle boots.
Her shoes may have bold models, but softened by natural colors – or vice versa.
There will be mules, the real must-have of the season, reinterpreted in their most elegant and sophisticated forms.
In her ready-to-go suitcase, then, there is always the right space for sensuality. This summer the refined woman wearing Ovyé shoes will surely take with her some wonderful slave sandals … their long laces, tied on the calf, makes decollete and pumps shoes most precious; just like magic, they seem to instantly transform every woman into a goddess.
Heels are again thin, this summer, mostly. But they stand out for their brilliance, contrasting colors or elaborate shapes. The toes lengthen and the shoes become more strong-willed and unprejudiced.

Don’t forget, anyway, that our women are first of all adventurer, ready to walk on the most impervious paths, to play with the unknown, and to explore new roads.
That’s why boots are the most important reconfirmations between shoes for this SS2020 season.

Following the long wave of this winter, in fact, boots and ankle boots will be more beautiful and versatile than ever, even in our summer.
We will admire many variations of timeless cowboy boots: let’s choose them in leather or suede, perforated, embroidered with contrasting colors and with fringes; equipped with heels of almost any height.
Shortly, the “made to walk” shoe par excellence is ready to satisfy the fantasies and desires of every woman. Practical and attractive at the same time, cowboy boots know no boundaries. Just like the strength of women.

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