Fashionable Fall-Winter 2020/21 Shoes: Start boldly for a season of revival

Just like that darlings, we’re on the threshold of a new season. It is still an odd season, just like the ones we have recently left behind us. It is a season that will require all our audacity and our desire to live and thrive.

As always, it will be easier to tackle if we have the right shoes on our feet.

So, let’s take a peek at what the Fall-Winter 2020/21 season is offering with the new arrivals and carry-over pieces.

In this article you’ll find the main trends that we’ve seen walk down the runway in the last few months and which we’ll soon see hitting the streets.

One thing is certain: this is a season that will stand out due to its range of proposed pieces and styles. A little less ‘70s and a little more ‘80s perhaps, however – more than anything else – it is a take on fashion that is looking to the future and the new possibilities offered by new materials and their ductility.

Style is in the toe

This year, toes are getting noticed. Ladies looking to flaunt the latest fashions can play with two opposing versions that are both imbued with character: the square toe by day, the pointy toe by night.

Thus, maximum comfort for shoes you’ll be wearing when being active and adventurous by day.

And the heights of sensuality to rediscover the rhythms of the evening and the night armed with all our sex appeal.

Boots mon amour

Boots continue to be much loved by designers and women alike, because they allow you to play around with any outfit while staying comfortable and maintaining a sense of character.

Once again, for Fall-Winter 2020/21, you’ll be seeing boots of all heights in the store windows of all the brands that count, yet two in particular will be the most on-trend: the oh-so high thigh boots (perhaps embellished by soft pleats on the leg) and flat ankle boots.

No half measures.

Yet, of course, the classic Texan boots will still be present and accounted for. Comfortable and unmistakable, and – as always – embellished by new details and a mix-and-match of styles.

Simply over-the-top rubber platforms and crepe soles!

Do you love a high platform sole? This year you’ll be in your element. In fact, we’ll be going well beyond the classic platform. The rubber crepe sole will be a key detail on many styles, allowing for unusual textures and colors to be flaunted. From the “lug sole” effect of the ‘80s (yet taken to the limits as never before) to original shapes, a world of new possibilities has opened up.

All with a strong visual impact and, most of all, extremely comfortable to wear, just as is becoming of a warrior woman.

Rock’n’Roll Details

Chains, studs and other rock’n’roll accents are all over the most fashionable collections.

While last season gave us the bejeweled-shoe concept, now footwear has become a veritable concentration of strength and determination – and it shows.

We’ll be needing it to overcome new challenges and set ourselves fresh and increasingly ambitious goals.

A White Winter

White shoes remain the height of chic this winter too, even in the form of ankle boots. We recommend that everyone has at least one pair in their wardrobe: to pair with long, white trench coats, minidresses, and anything else your imagination can come up with!

These are shoes that complete looks worthy of timeless divas.

Sartorial details

We saw an abundance of sartorial details on the runway: even feathers and fur on the exterior of shoes. Evocative, yet decidedly unpractical if transposed to everyday life.

For the Ovyé Fall-Winter 2020/21 Collection, our designers have chosen to play around with quilting and laces even more, thereby bringing together glamor and the freedom offered by comfortable shoes that you can wear on any occasion.

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