Distribution of fast fashion pieces

Ovyé fast fashion footwear is unique: it is the only brand that releases new models for replenishment every week, without affecting the great quality of its products and the original inspiration that gives life to them, all supported by the commercial and communicative power of the Ovyé brand.

For stores wanting to become Ovyé footwear retailers, the company offers various channels for purchasing and restocking fast fashion pieces:

Direct purchase at the Centergross, Bologna

You can purchase directly from our showroom at the Centergross Center in Bologna.

If you are not familiar with our products, a visit to our showroom will also be the best way to experience the beauty, quality and elegance of our models firsthand.

Here’s where to find us →


Shop Online

This site has a reserved access section for all stores that sell Ovyé throughout Italy.

You can request your login details by following the instructions on the page dedicated to B2B purchases and restocking →


To find the distributor for your region, please see the list of distributors in Italy →

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