The collaboration between Ovyé and Petite Meller is here

A new collaboration has begun between Ovyé by Cristina Lucchi and the singer and artist Petite Meller: the female creative spirit, with all its inherent strength, is the star of this partnership.

A cosmopolitan and unconventional artist who combines great sensitivity with great strength: Petite Meller.
We were overjoyed to accept Petite Meller’s request to design and make a pair of bespoke couture sneakers for her that would fully reflect her style and character.

Yet, this was just the beginning of our collaboration with her.

Petite Meller embodies all those qualities that we have always adored and advocated for in women – first and foremost, freedom. That very sensation of freedom that you feel when watching her refined videos or listening to her unique voice.
We were charmed. And, for her part, Petite Meller found those very same values in Ovyé.

That is why Petite Meller is the new face of the Ovyé Spring-Summer 2021 campaign. We were also inspired by her and the world she represents when designing our new collection.

It is dedicated to all the women who know how to bravely and boldly make their dreams come true.

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