Fall is at our feet: the must-haves for fashionable FW 2019-20 shoes

With the new trends and great classics, it is once again time to fill your wardrobe for the next season.

What is fashion dictating this year? And how can we interpret it to enhance our unique style?

Here are a few tips on Fall/Winter 2019-20 footwear.

Shyness? Forget about it.

Many of you will be happy to know that the winter season promises to be extremely rich and vivacious. Playing around and being daring with your closet (and your shoes in particular) won’t just be permitted, it will be recommended.

Just look at the colors that walked the catwalks. You can rediscover your femme fatal side with intense red hues, such as deep red, vermilion and fiery red. Or why not give voice to the Dorothy within you, who can work magic with her ruby slippers on her feet.

Or you can enhance your look with bright, light colors, as well as the various shades of light blue, green and lavender. The most sophisticated women can choose white, which is a more unusual choice for winter ensembles as it’s not easy to pull off, yet is utterly elegant.

And for women wanting a more classic look? Out of black and brown, the latter in its various nuances is undoubtedly the color in vogue this year. If it is paired with suede, then even simple brown leather shoes will be on-trend.

Seductive, sophisticated, transgressive… and comfortable!

The times when “elegant” automatically meant “uncomfortable” are definitely behind us (hallelujah!).

Let’s get one thing straight, there will always be styles for women who love towering stiletto heels, but they are certainly not the only solution if you want to look irresistible and flawless on every occasion.

The styles introduced feature wide, comfortable heels that are reminiscent of the legendary 70s, paired with glamorous details and prints. Flat shoes transform into wonderful bejeweled slippers and the sneakers… well, the choices are practically endless!

Last but not least, fans of bon-ton style will find precious allies in the Mary Janes, which have recently come back into fashion.

Ankle straps and bejeweled shoes

Perhaps it’s simply another consequence of the pursuit for more comfort, or of the desire to add stylish details to footwear – the fact is that the pumps that went down the haute couture catwalks often flaunted ankle straps.

Be careful, however: these were no simple ankle straps, but real details that added embellishment and made every style unique.

Colors, buckles and materials… a range of choices that – at times – transformed the shoes into veritable bejeweled footwear with skillful appliqués.

Indeed, even without the straps, this season designers have had a ball turning their creations into genuine gems, making use of every trick in the book: shiny materials, mirrored surfaces, faux precious stones, chains and rhinestones. 

We told you first: the shoes for Fall/Winter 2019-20 are made to make you shine.

stivaletto zebrato ovye

The shapes: boots and more

We’ve already spoken about it in another article: boots are the real stars of FW 2019-20.

They come knee-high, over-the-knee and short. Rigid, like the classic cowboy boots, or in soft fabric secured by laces. Low or with heels, colorful, with animal prints… in other words, everyone will find the right boots for them.

Yet, this passion for boots shouldn’t have us forgetting that there are heaps of other shoes ready to win over stores (and our closets too…) – take the slip-ons for example.

Another trend that was seen last season is also back: sandals are now all-season footwear thanks to the winter sandals of fashion houses such as Ferragamo and Miu Miu. All you have to do is wear them with thick and stylish (naturally) socks.

Ovyé FW2019-20: ready to launch

This season’s trends, reinterpreted with Ovyé’s experience and style: are you ready to choose?

Visit this site to browse the new FW 2019-20 shoe collection

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